Mission Statement

The focus of the Paradise Conference is on the entire spectrum of the Transgender population, to include pre- and post-transition transwomen and transmen; intersex, agender, and gender fluid people; and crossdressers. However, the Conference also invites attendance and participation by all members of the larger LGBTQ+ community, including spouses/partners, family members, friends, allies, and helping professionals. Members of the general public interested in learning about transgender issues are also welcome.

The Paradise Conference is committed to promoting communication, cooperation, education, understanding, tolerance, and acceptance for all people. Our desire and intent is to provide a safe place to gather together to learn, develop and prosper, both as a group and as individuals, by promoting organized events, educational seminars, networking, and social interaction. In this manner we hope to create an ongoing place of learning, resources, community and belonging that is both safe and meaningful, but also fun.

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